We here at "Fiber Optic Products, Inc." are dedicated to the old fashion way of salesmanship, meaning we give the customers what they want at a low price and fast service. We answer all the questions we can about our products and refer them to the right sources if we can't. We show our prices up front so they know what they are paying and don't dink around with "call for pricing" games! We are willing do give deals to people if they show interest in our products. We don't have a minimum order policy so the little guy can buy as little as he wants.

We started our business the February of 1998 as a Fiber Optic Craft supply for hobby trains and other lighting use's. Our sales took off, why? Because our catalog and webpage was easy to understand by all, no hidden mumbojumbo, just easy to understand prices and pictures for the customer to see what's what and order! We now sell to countries as far away as the UK to Canada and more each day! The internet is a great source to all those people who wish to start a business and work with other companies big or small to help everyone find any item they are looking for. We are willing to work with those companies too! Just give us a call or e-mail us and we will be more then happy to work any deals you wish.

We ask you to bookmark this site and return often for we are adding new products each month. Also don't be shy, if you have a new idea that use's Fiber Optics for we are willing to help your invention sell, just tell us about it and we'll help you get your product out on the market!


All fiber orders are NON Returnable unless product is damaged upon shipping. There is also a 20% Re-stocking fee for cancellation orders. Once we cut the fiber it cannot be resold and is considered used. We ask that if you are not sure of what you are buying, please order a sample of cable or fiber first, this way no one is to blame! Also please see Dangers for information on what not to do with fiber.

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So that's it!

If you have any questions just give us a call or e-mail (best way!) and we'll get back to ya!

Thank you

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